Renfe-Más cards showcase


Renfe-Mas Cards

Empresa: Renfe

Tipo de acción: Rotulación, Fachada, Decoración exterior, Totems y Display, Expositores

We want to share with you another exciting success story in which Guzpack has participated in a prominent way together with Renfe. It is about the transformation of a practically empty and useless space in the tropical garden of the Renfe-Atocha Station for the showcase of the RENFE-MAS cards.

When our client approached us, their objective was clear: they needed a bright, striking and impressive space that would allow them to advertise and promote the various varieties of MAS cards they offered. They wanted viewers to see the most important benefits of each card at a glance and capture the attention of new customers.

To achieve this goal, we divided the space into three distinct but interconnected areas, each one dedicated to a particular card model and displaying the advantages associated with each one. We used the corporate decoration and color in each area, combined with corporeal elements and a large interactive screen that offered fast and attractive visual information.

In addition, we complemented the experience with the presence of an expert hostess, who was in charge of informing and advising all those interested in the promotion. His knowledge and kindness provided added value to the showcase, allowing a personalized interaction with potential customers.

The execution of this project was quite a challenge. We had to carry out a complex assembly in just two nights, taking advantage of the night time and making sure that the station was closed to the public so as not to interfere with the users. However, thanks to meticulous planning and the commitment of our team, we were able to overcome the challenge and carry out a flawless installation.

In these “before” images, we can appreciate the space in the Renfe-Atocha Station that was practically empty and useless. A wasted area that was waiting to be transformed into something spectacular and captivating. At Guzpack, we’re proud to take on challenges like this and turn forgotten spaces into exciting opportunities.

And then the change that we achieved in this space of the Renfe-Atocha Station. In these “after” pictures, we can appreciate the result of our work at Guzpack. We have created a vibrant and eye-catching showcase for RENFE-MAS cards. Now, this place has become a point of attention for visitors, capturing their interest and communicating the benefits of the cards in a striking and visually appealing way. We are delighted to have achieved such an impressive transformation and to have contributed to our client’s success.

We are proud that this success story has given us great satisfaction at Guzpack. The transformation of an empty space into an attractive and effective showcase demonstrates our ability to offer creative and high-impact solutions. We are proud to have contributed to the success of our client by promoting their RENFE-MAS cards and attracting the attention of new clients in an environment as crowded as the Renfe-Atocha Station.

At Guzpack, we remain committed to excellence in every project we undertake. If you are looking to transform an empty space into an effective marketing tool or need comprehensive graphic solutions that stand out in any environment, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to collaborate with you and help you achieve your goals with exceptional results.

In addition to being a success story in itself, the strategic location of the window at the Renfe-Atocha Station adds significant value to the promotion of the RENFE-MAS cards. With millions of visitors passing through this iconic station daily, the potential for outreach and visibility is impressive.

The Renfe-Atocha Station is one of the main rail connection points in Spain and receives a constant flow of local and international passengers. It is not only a transit point, but also a destination in itself, home to impressive architecture and a vibrant atmosphere.

Every day thousands of people walk through the corridors of the station, waiting for trains or stopping to admire its beauty. This means that the RENFE-MAS card showcase has exceptional exposure and the opportunity to capture the attention of a large and diverse audience. From tourists to frequent travelers, the reach is truly significant.

At Guzpack, we are proud to have had the opportunity to stand out in a place as busy and strategic as the Renfe-Atocha Station. Our focus on quality, creativity, and flawless execution has allowed us to take full advantage of this prime location and deliver outstanding results for our clients.

If you are looking to promote your brand or products in a high-traffic environment such as the Renfe-Atocha Station, at Guzpack we are ready to help you. Our team of experts in comprehensive graphic production is prepared to design customized solutions that stand out and generate a lasting impact on your audience. Contact us today and find out how we can boost your presence in strategic locations with exceptional results.

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